Jasper Connector

Bonita Community 7.1.0 Tomcat Dev bundle with Jasper Connector - Blank PDF

Hello Everybody,

I have developed a small process to test the jasper connector and in the bonita Studio test everything works ok, but when I build and install in a Tomcat Bundle, the PDF jasper report is all blank.

Someone knows what is missing? I had fulfilled the dependecies with the following jars:
- commons-digester-2.1
- itext-2.1.7.js2
- itextpdf-5.5.7
- jasperreports-5.6.1
- jcommon-1.0.15
- jfreechart-1.0.12

The develepment environment is in windows and the deployment environmet is on ubuntu.



Error executing two jasper connectors in parallel

I have two tasks after a parallel gateway, each of the executing a Jasper connector with different jrxml files and the same database configuration. They generate the following exception (complete stack trace at the bottom):

org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.exception.SConnectorException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.exception.SConnectorException: org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.ConnectorException: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: This connection has been closed.

Jasper Connector - How to send Jasper parameters from the bonita connector


I need some help understanding how to send data to populate the value of the parameters in my jasper report file.

I created a report which needs a parameter in order to filter the resulting data, as follows:

HTML Widget Bonita 7, display pdf report

Hello programmers,

I am newbie to this bonitasoft, started with bonita ver 7.0.1.
When Customizing the forms, there is a high limitations in widgets.
Here the need is: Can we get the file(.pdf) stored in document, displayed, as we do with the object or else tags, embed src="http://yoursite.com/the.pdf" width="500" height="375" type='application/pdf', displayed as they do in normal html...!!!

Can some one, suggest how to analyze the customization in UI except the two videos, and the documents..

comment insérer une image à la création du PDF

Bonjour, J'ai utiilisé le connecteur Jasper pour générer un fichier PDF. Le modèle (fichier.jrxml) intègre une image jpg. Où dois-je déposer cette image pour qu'elle soit intégrée au fichier pdf lors de la génération via le connecteur Jasper? Si je la mets dans les documents du process comme le fichier jrxml cela ne marche pas. Faut-il spécifier un paramètre particulier au niveau du connecteur Jasper? Nota: mon fichier pdf est bien généré si je n'inclue pas l'image dans le modèle (fichier.jrxml). merci de votre aide. Cordialement.

Jasper connector allways generates the report name as "jasper_report"


I am using jasper connector to generate the report. The report is always getting generated with name as "jasper_report". When verified the code it seems the report name is hard coded with this value.

Jasper connector generating empty report


I am trying to use Jasper connector to generate report in Bonita 6.3.7 version. But the generated report is empty. I went through the Bonita Jasper connector code and found the following bug which was causing the empty report. The following is just logical representation of the code.