Open File generated by Jasper automatically

I created a process in Bonita 7.5.4 that generates PDF files through the native Jasper connector of the tool, currently this report is sent by email, but I need to make this report open automatically in the navigator when the file is ready is it possible?

Is JasperStudio 5.6.0 compatible with BonitaSoft 7.3.3?

I would like to know if the * .jrxml file generated in Jasper Studio 5.6.0 is compatible with the jasper connector of BonitaSoft 7.3.3 because every time I point the connector to my file the generated PDF is totally white

How to import a * .jrxml file into BonitaSoft

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm trying to import a * .jrxml file that I created in Jasper Studio 5.6.0, but I'm not experiencing success, I've tested the report in the Jasper Studio preview and there it is created normally.

I was able to create a new document in BonitaSoft pointing to my report but when I run my process and it arrives at the time of creating the PDF file it does nothing.

The first thing I did was create the two variables that receive the documents, the "input" where I point to my * .jrxml file and the "output" where I would save my report in PDF format