Manipulate Processvariables


I have troubles getting my Project to start. I want to have a Process that I can start via REST-Api with variables. The first task is a service task that takes this variables and converts it to a object and stores this object inside a pool variable. Currently I give the pool variable as input to the connector, is this the correct approach? Or is there a way to access the variable inside a connector

Java Project Dependency not recognized - NoClassDefFoundException

I have a Java Project with Objects and Classes to use in Connectors in Bonita Studio. I see the class definitions when I initialize eg a Pool Variable and can select my class type. Whenever I use something from that jar in a Java Connector inside Bonita Studio I run into NoClassDefFoundException when executing the process.

How can I use custom Objects and Classes in Bonita Connectors?

Implement Bonita into Java EE Application


I am very new to Bonita.

I am trying to implement a Bonita process into a Java EE Application and deploy it to the Bonita Wildfly.

I have found the simple Example that connects to the running Bonita instance but when I deploy it as an ear file to my wildfly instance nothing happens. I cant see any output logs. Thats why I am curious if my Program is even running.

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

Migration to 7.8.4 now throwing RestletServlet Exception

Out middleware (TicketService) uses the HTTP API to get case and ticket details based on a case ID and since we upgraded we are now seeing the following in the error message and no ticket details are returned to the middleware.

Connector fails with unserialization output error.


I wonder if someone in the community can offer me some advise. I have built a new plugin for Google sheets and it fails during testing with the message: "For unserialization output, you can transform it into a serializable object using the output editor." I have a screen capture but I'm not sure how to attach it.

Thank you.

Bontita 7.5 con sqlserver

He instalado la última versión de bonita (7.5), entonces he instalado la última versión de java (jdk-8u131-windows-x64).

Después de eso, configuré el sqlserver con la base de datos BONITA_BPM, y segui todos los pasos para la configuración de sqlserver.

Luego segui todos los pasos para la configuración del tomact.

Pero cuando voy a la carpeta C: \ BonitaBPMCommunity-7.5.0 \ workspace \ tomcat y ejecuto el archivo start-bonita.bat en la carpeta, consigo este error.

How to use Java Objects with UI Designer

I have a very simple Java class with two Integer variables and their getters and setters.
Nothing special. My goal is a Set Data task to take two numbers for a and b (from the form) and the next task Get Data to print in the form, using class functions. I want this through setters and getters. I just cannot find an example with newer Bonita versions (in the previous versions was too easy to do something like that) about Java objects and UI Designer.

In the end, I just desperately need a tutorial about java objects + ui designer and there isn't one for newer version.

Receive Email(s)

The only tutorials I've found are for sending emails, also on documentation there is only sending tutorial. Is there any way to implement the receiving? Even with custom java code?

passing contract values to process from Java app.

I'm trying to start a process from a java program, but stumped on how I can pass the contract values over. The following code fails with

"Error while validating expected inputs: [Expected input [inputForm] is missing]"

But as you can see, the "inputForm" is indeed provided in the code.

Any thoughts oh wise ones?

Thanks again


Relation to java development to BPM

Hi friend ,
I am new to BPM ( bonita ) , I have one simple question business process management development and it's relation to java development.

For Example : After developing one business process , then what does the java developer does , how to they integrate in the java development , my expectation with java development refers to the generated Jar from bpm tools and move forward in java development by using the inheritance and passing the parameters to the methods like API ?..