java api 6

get Perameter Outside executebusinesslogic() return null value .

i m creating one custom connector . in this connector i want to use method calling structure. but when i declare variables with get parameter it always return null. i have to declare parameter into ExecutebusinessLogic() but that can't be reference outside that method . so i want to publicly define variable i tried different , but still same : null return . pl do something

code :

How to get Some basic Detail of Current process ? when user use it Like ::::: LOGGED USER ID , CURRENT PROCESS ID , etc

in community version , pl provide how to get following values

  1. logged user id
  2. logged user name
  3. current process id
  4. current task id
  5. current task name
  6. current case id

pl suggest how to get following

Create instances of process from Java (step by step)


I need to create instances of one process deployed and runing on Jboss 5.1, from one Java app, so what are the steps for achieve this (please,if someone can explain me step by step I appreciate that) ?

(Using Bonita BPM 6.2.1 - Jboss 5.1)