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How to create rest api for community version

I want to create my custom rest api for community version but i couldn't find any information about it. All i can find precompiled zip files or how to documentation for subscribe editions. I extracted and changed example zip file then zipped again but i can't add as resource, i get zip file structure error.

Error trying to get TransportRequestDAO - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.company.model.TransportRequestDAOImpl

Hello. I am trying to retrieve data from business variable in java application. I found this thread https://community.bonitasoft.com/questions-and-answers/access-business-d... and main advice was to add bdm-model.jar and bdm-dao.jar in my pom.xml. But problem is - there is no such files in BONITA_HOME/engine-server/work/tenants/1/data-management-client/client-bdm.zip. There is no such path, no directories. (I am using bonita v7.5).

How to obtain, which variables (and forms) are defined in a process?

I have set up a Java application, which receives Data from a process Bonita BPM (Instances, Users, Tasks etc.).
I would like to receive which variables are created in the process (business/ process/ taskvar.). This means I want to know which variables there are and where they are used (eg. in which form/ in which gateway).

Has anyone an idea how I could accomplish this? Either in Rest or in Java.
Thanks in advance.