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Integrate bonita UI Designer forms on mvc .net


We want to integrate generated BonitaSoft UI designed forms on MVC c# view and to make some crud operation in database. We dont want use IFrame because the login session is not maintained, we want to decode the JSON schema created by Bonita designer for the generated form.

How to create rest api for community version

I want to create my custom rest api for community version but i couldn't find any information about it. All i can find precompiled zip files or how to documentation for subscribe editions. I extracted and changed example zip file then zipped again but i can't add as resource, i get zip file structure error.

Error trying to get TransportRequestDAO - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.company.model.TransportRequestDAOImpl

Hello. I am trying to retrieve data from business variable in java application. I found this thread https://community.bonitasoft.com/questions-and-answers/access-business-d... and main advice was to add bdm-model.jar and bdm-dao.jar in my pom.xml. But problem is - there is no such files in BONITA_HOME/engine-server/work/tenants/1/data-management-client/client-bdm.zip. There is no such path, no directories. (I am using bonita v7.5).

How to obtain, which variables (and forms) are defined in a process?

I have set up a Java application, which receives Data from a process Bonita BPM (Instances, Users, Tasks etc.).
I would like to receive which variables are created in the process (business/ process/ taskvar.). This means I want to know which variables there are and where they are used (eg. in which form/ in which gateway).

Has anyone an idea how I could accomplish this? Either in Rest or in Java.
Thanks in advance.