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using PDFBox.jar in a groovy script

Hi, I need to take data of a PDF file, for that i want to use PDFbox. I imported the .jar via developement-> manage jars -> import. But when I want to code the sript, i cant import the libraries. So I want to know if there is anithing else i should do to be able to use this library.


File Generator Connector

hello , I create one custom connector for generate PDFs file after task completed . for initial test i dnt take any input for this when i execute process connector not executed pro pare it goes to failed stage . how can i recover and how can i show error .

Pl see following detail :

How to Access and Use bonitasoft Core database , Java API

I downloaded bonitasoft 6.2 for a first time comuunity version .

i m total new in this field .

i want to send email regarding that perticular case id , creation date , logged user name , etc core data which is stored in bonitasoft's core database (h2) i guess , so how can i use this details .

i want to mail this detail to logged user email id .


Dependency not recognised in "Edit Expression" window

BonitaSoft: 5.10

Hi All,

I have generated a xmlbean jar from a WSDL and add the jar under dependencies. Only thing is that the library is not recognised when I hit ctrl-space. When I start a java project in NetBeans and include the xmlbean jar the classes are there and all is working.

Does someone else have experience with this?

Kind regards, Steven