java object

Request for a sample process that gets the value from Java Object into the Bonita UI Form- Bonita 7.3.3 Subscription

I am trying to get the value from the Java Object to be shown into the Bonita UI. I am able to fetch the result from the process variable; However, my use case is to get the values from the java object directly.

Request to let me know the procedure to fetch the result from the java Object or a sample .bos will be appreciable.

Update a row in a business object


I would like to update a row in my business object. How can I do that ? If i use transient data I modify the list but not the actual object.

I'm using the default h2 database.

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working with java objects in bonita 6.*

Hello, I’m trying to work with java objects in Bonita 6.2.4 and I had fallowed the next steps Create a serializable class, thi is it: