Java; tomcat

Bonita 5.10.2 REST API


we are still using bonita 5.10.2, and for more features i must set up the rest api, i tested the rest api both in studio and bundle but it didn't work.
Example : i run this request from http client : http://server/bonita-server-rest/API/identityAPI/getAllUsers, i get this error :

The options are null or not well set.

BUG: When Server restart , Apps data are clean , have to initialize all again .

hello, i have already installed tomcat server and there are many web app running on . i download Bonita deployment package and configure it , Bonita is properly worked , i installed one app on portal ass well.

but when i restart tomcat server , portal become clean , all installed app are clear and all cases erased . all become as like new it is not well known behavior of any app.

anything i missed on configuration .? or any thing i done wrong ?

can you please suggest what should i do ?

regards kandarp