Add script after Body tag

I'd like to add a script just after the

How to develop a widget type select with the name Select1 passing variable to Select2 in form? (drill down, dependence between widget)

Group; I'm using BonitaSoft Community version 6.5.2 ;

I have the following challenge:

Make a Select type widget with the name bd_mnt_niveis1 be criteria to display values ​​in the widget name bd_mnt_niveis2 (Type a drill down or dependent list) and so then to bd_mnt_niveis3 as below:

image I have the variables in the Pool:

Data type: Objeto Java Class: java.util.List Is multiple

Google Maps

process.html - JavaScript - not executing on multi-page

Hi there,

I have a problem with JavaScript **not executing **on my pages as follows: (needs knowledge of using browser console)

Process has a form ProcessF1

Four Human Tasks (separate tasks) have forms HumanF1, HumanF2, HumanF3, HumanF4

In my Process Application Resources/Look'n'Feel I have some JavaScript which I load in the page.html head (either by file or hard coded).

The JavaScript (as an example) is as follows:

How to Disable the Next Button

Hi there,

I have a single step process with two forms, on Form1 I have a NEXT button called Next1 that I want to disable until the page is complete...

On the page I have a HTMLWidget at the Bottom of the page to ensure the button is available with the following code:

NEXT Button - adding OnClick causes a 500 (Internal Server Error) response

Hi there,

I have a process Human Task with two forms. Form1 has a HTML Widget which I want to pass to the second screen and also save to a Bonita variable.

I'm using this post as reference:

In line with the refPost I have a SimpleButton to save the data to the Bonita variable using REST, and this works with no problem. The code is very simple

JavaScript carrying value of field from one form to another...


I am populating a form field with JavaScript which is working OK, but when I try to use the field I can't find it/use it.

How do I access the field for use in my second screen?


Process X, Human Step 1, Form 1, one text field Next button Simple button with code

Angular.JS in Community Edition possible?


i want to use the Angular.JS Features with my Bonitasoft Community Edition. (without the customPage Section :-[ )

I develop with the Studio and BonitaSoft 6.4.1 Community.

I've tried to test with the following simple example:

my example.js

bug at radioboxes when jquery is implemented???


i have a blank user-step and added into the formular a radiobox with 3 options to select. this works fine.

But when i include a jquery-libary (online or directly as file) the radioboxes lost their select-elements. The text is shown but the little icons not.

Here an example of the manipulated process.html: