javascript file load and widget script load concurrency

Bonitasoft 6.4.1. When using several customized javascripts files used by a widget, the widget is sometimes loaded and executed before the javascript it requires (using $( document ).ready() doesn t solve the problem), thus yielding to unrecognized variables. Easily reproducible by using about 10 javascripts of about 50 kb, and observing the load (using breakpoint) in firefox or chrome browser. Note that i actually do not use so many javascript, and i do use minify, but the problem is easily reproducible with that configuration; with less javascript it just happens less often.

Javascript file load


Version 6.4.1.

I have several javascript files in my resources, and i have them called from my global process pages as -script type="text/javascript" src="...js"--/script-.

Implement Confirm/alertbox for Submit button in Bonita 6.3.8

Hi All,

I am trying to implement a confirm/alertbox to check before submitting a form. This button is a Bonita submit button. I have very little knowledge of JS/jquery but can understand and implement through trial and error.

Is there an existing out of the box solution for this ? Or if you have any pointers please let me know.

How do i calculate the difference in days between to date fields using Javascript?

Dear BonitaSoft Community,

I have a little problem. I have two date field inputs and one textfield that should show the difference between the two dates.

The javascript goes like this:

SimpleButton - How to use it?

Hi there,

according to Bonita 5.X documentation:

Use the simple button on a form to call a Java script.

By doing this...

Click on the Details panel > General tab > Options pane and enter the Java script in the HTML attributes field.

Unfortunately Bonita 6.X documentation doesn't make any reference to this I use 5.X

First question...

is "Java Script" (as written) Java code or JavaScript (one word), I'm assuming the latter as I believe you can also use jQuery on the button...

Custom javascript ondblclick on table row -> registration of selection to bonita engine

Hi Everybody,

I made a custom ondblclick on a table. When a double-click is done on the table row, the row must be selected and then the page needs to be submitted.

For now I have the following:

1: I put in the next-button a custom class named "submitButton" 2: on the table widget I put into the Options->Html attributes a onmouseover event:

onmouseover="$('tr', this).off('dblclick').dblclick(function(){ var selected = $('td', this).eq(0).text(); alert(selected); $(this).addClass('bonita_form_table_selected'); $('.submitButton').trigger( 'click' );});"

Problem with Safari, javascript error

Utiliser du code Javascript dans le Widget HTML


Je souhaiterais créer un tableau de ce genre : Du coupe je pense utiliser un widget HTML de façon à pouvoir créer ce tableau. Et dans ce tableau, je voudrais le remplir avec un liste de données que j'ai récupéré grâce à un connecteur. Est ce qu'il existe un méthode pour utiliser une variable de mon processus (ma liste) et en même temps utiliser du script javascript ? Au début j'ai pensé utiliser un script groovy mais ça n'a pas l'air de faire bon ménage avec les $ de javascript.

Javascript for Expression editor & connector


Is javascript planned to be added as a language that can be used in the expression editor (Groovy script editor) and create connectors ?


onchange event on select widget (Bonita Community 6.2.3)


Using Bonita BPM Community 6.2.3.

I'm trying to use onchange HTML event on a select widget. In the HTML attributes' widget section I write: onchange="window.alert('hello world')". But in the portal, when I run the process, the onchange attribute is gone. Strangely, if I replace onchange with onclick I get the correct HTML code in the portal (including onclick attribute).

Is this the "normal" behavior or is something wrong with my code?

Thanks, pet