Wierd Error: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected!! Help :(


I have Bonita 7.2 installed on jboss server with oracle as db. After starting jboss server with

./standalone.sh -b= <server_ip_address>, the script runs just fine but I keep on getting this warning in infinite loop on putty (I have to stop to server in order to get rid of it!!) :

[SOLVED] Unable to install a process with JBoss

Hi everybody.
I just finished developing the bonita rest extension for my company and i want to switch to the production environment.

Thus, i installed the jboss bundle using Sql Server databases (for both the bonita database and the business data database).
After a few attempts, I managed to install it and everything seems to work fine, except i cannot install the processes from the web portal.

To do so, I use to "build the diagrams" into .bar files, and then install those from the "processes" page with an administrator account.