What are the login credentails for Jboss installed on my Linux server?


I was using "walter.bates" and "bpm" as login credentials for logging in to localhost:8080/bonita.

I installed jboss bundle on my linux server (access url:- servername:8080/bonita). Now since I cannot login using "walter.bates" and "bpm". How can I access the same process which was on localhost, on my linux server as well?

Some help would be appreciated! Thank you.

What is the URL for accessing Bonita Portal, if Jboss Bundle Installed on Linux

I installed the Jboss bundle on Linux, though terminal. I tried accessing Bonita Portal through :8080/bonita. I am getting "Unable to connect'.

Can anyone please tell me if I need to access some different port/url. Thank you.

Error using JBoss bundle + SQLServer 2008 (Updating Schema Fails) Bonita v7.1

I'm trying to deploy the BDM into the server since three days ago and i'm facing the following error. Could you help me to solve it, PLEASE?

Stack Trace: