bug at radioboxes when jquery is implemented???


i have a blank user-step and added into the formular a radiobox with 3 options to select. this works fine.

But when i include a jquery-libary (online or directly as file) the radioboxes lost their select-elements. The text is shown but the little icons not.

Here an example of the manipulated process.html:

Implement Confirm/alertbox for Submit button in Bonita 6.3.8

Hi All,

I am trying to implement a confirm/alertbox to check before submitting a form. This button is a Bonita submit button. I have very little knowledge of JS/jquery but can understand and implement through trial and error.

Is there an existing out of the box solution for this ? Or if you have any pointers please let me know.

capture download link and view the download link


I have some issue regarding jQuery in Bonitasoft. I called href download link in jQuery code but it is "undefined" when it run on browser. But, if I called the href in console, it displayed the download link.

An issue with jQuery, simple button and hidden fields.

Hello commrades! I have an issue with binding action on a simple button in Bonita BPM Studio (also there is another issue with hidden fields).

All actions are performed with BonitaForm.html file in C:\%path_to_Bonita%\workspace\tomcat\bonita\client\platform\tenant-template\work\theme\portal and of course in the program.

Doubts about bonita funcionality

Hi all,

i'm new in bonita world. I have a pair of doubts, i hope that somebody can help me: