Cascading Dropdown UI Designer


I am trying to create cascading dropdown functionality in the UI Designer that is driven off a JSON object and having trouble getting it to work. Is there an example of a form/page with select/combobox widget driven off of a JSON variable?

My JSON Looks like this:

get all username

how to get all usernames in a single JSON array. Is there any API to get all usernames. Thanks in advance please help me.

¿How can I obtain JSON data from bonita using JQuery?

I try to connect to bonita BPM using a jQuery function with following code:

JSON in dropdown list

How to pass JSON values from form to process variable


I'm using bonita 7.2.3. I created a custom widget, to obtain a table with a column that contains checkboxes to get row selected. I created also in the form page a JSON variable to collect values checked in the table. The variable is correctly populated and on page submit I need to transfer those values to a process variable (the type is java.util.List) I defined in the process.
Contract variables can't be defined as List, so how can I pass values from page to variable? Using a text contract variable, I obtain an error message as JSON cannot be assigned to TEXT.

How to get individual value from REST API returned from Oracle database in the UI


have created a simple REST API call that access the database and returns a JSON object.
I can display the JSON in the form ok, so all that is good.

My question is - how can I access the individuate JSON item, in this case the "greeting" item.

How to use REST connector

Hello everyone.
I want to connect with REST server within REST connector.
URL: http://www.example.com//target-api-1/service/perform (method POST)
JSON parameter (in body section)
"target-name": "bonita",
"method-name": "test-1",
"params": {
"name ": "sample - name ",
"family ": "sample - family "
After test, show this message

Connector execution is successful but has no output.

¿Por que no es evaluada una expresión JSON en las formas?

Hola, tengo una situación con Bonita 7.2.1 community donde las variables tipo JSON no son evaluadas en la forma y se visualiza la estructura JSON completa, Esto sucede apenas siguiendo el tutorial http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/getting-started-tutorial-2 con Google Chrome y Firefox. Esta imagen corresponde a la forma reviewTravelRequest pero sucede lo mismo con TravelTool.

Cargar datos JSON en un widget select

Buenas tardes tengo una variable de proceso tipo string donde almaceno el resultado de una consulta con un conector. El resultado de esa consulta lo estructure como JSON de la siguiente forma.

Crear un JSON en bonita7

Buenas tardes es posible generar un archivo JSON desde un conector con los datos que extrae de una BD y luego llamar estos datos desde un widget o es posible llamar ese archivo desde una ubicación externa al UIDESIGNER.

Gracias por la ayuda