Postgres KPI capturing task information

I am using Subscription Bonita 7.3.0 and Postgres 9.2.18.

Having successfully set up a postgres KPI I am attempting to create entry and exit activity KPI. These would ideally capture the user who started and finished an activity, the activity information (process, case, and task) and the start and finish date & time.

Postgres KPI Request Formatting

I am using Bonita Subscription 7.3.0 and a Postgres database 9.2.18.

I have a question regarding formatting, I have recently begun setting up KPIs with a Postgres database. Which is operating normally, and was actually really easy and straightforward to set up. However when creating the actual KPI request, there are two options "Use graphical mode" or "Use Manual mode."

If I use "Graphical mode" the request comes out like"
"INSERT INTO Bonita_Entry_Info (Process_ID) VALUES (${process_ID})"

Which is actually incorrect.

(KPI, BAM) Create a new query executer

Hello everyone,

i am currently trying to execute the KPI example of the documentation:

Everything worked well, until i arrived at the step: "Access your Bonita business data via BonitaSQL QueryExecuter"

There you have to create a new query executer. The first step is: 1. Select Tools then Options