Message "This field is required" not transmated when using portal in French


I'm using Community Edition with preference language french.
Most of th UI of the Bonita Portal is translated to french (automatically because french is one of the provided language).
However, when not filling mandatoty inputs, the message "This field is required" is not transmated to french.
This is surprising.
What should I do to get it in frech ?

In advance, thanks for your help.

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alter language from portal - Bonitasoft 7.x

I need alter the language from portal from Bonitasoft 7.x, but when i added the language Portuguese in the folder i18n in the folder tomcat the portal stayed disfigured and dont changed nothing for portuguese.

First image
Second Image
If you have an idea how I can change the tongue of the portal I thank you.

Set a new property "org.bonitasoft.i18n.folder"??

I am trying to change the default language of Bonita Portal. I have been following the bonita guide ( for 7.3 version) but no use and I can't understand some things.
First of all, when it says: set a new property "org.bonitasoft.i18n.folder" in Windows file setEnv.bat, how can I define this property? It is the same with the Subscription version? So the property must be
CATALINA_OPTS=-Dorg.bonitasoft.i18n.folder=${CATALINA_HOME}/my_custom_i18n etc... or there is something else?

Change Default CSS File.

Hello everyone.
My language is Persian and I want to change default CSS file(bonita.css) to another CSS file just when language changed.
(Example different is: Persian language direction is RTL but English is LTR)
please help.
Thanks a lot.

Default language


Can you set the default language of Portal on the server level?

I couldn't find any property handling this case nor any info in documentation nor a question on this forum.