Dont refresh layout after submit button


I have a problem, my main page has a layout, and that layout has a select object. The task forms are displayed inside that layout, when i click the submit button, the whole page starts to refresh, and with that my layout is also refreshed. The problem with this is that the select needs to be selected again by the user. What i want is a submit button that doesnt effect the layout or the main page, just the page in the frame of the layout.

Theme Log Engine Error when using layout

Can you help to resolve this exception ?
This error occurs when browsing my living application, which is using a custom layout.

how to apply new layout

I've uploaded layout resource file in resources menu,
now i want to apply it to my hole portal.
According to Documents now i should select it from management menu,but there is no management menu in administrator user.
i am using bonita 7.3 free edition