How to use LDAP connector to get user's name from LDAP server?



I trying to get the user's name from the LDAP server instead of using the ACME for the validate task.

But when I add LDAP connector in the pool. Nothing happened in the validate task. Before I added its still works but with the ACME user's name (Walter Bates).

So I want to know how do I get the user's name from my LDAP server to connect with the task.

Ps. Currently, I am using Bonitasoft Studio Community 7.10.0

Pps. I am still new please don't yell at me.

SSO implementation in community edition


I've been exploring Bonita for the past few weeks. I am interested in implementing a bonita based solution for an office that requires SAML v2 SSO for user authentication. Is this possible with the community edition? Also is it possible to use the security groups in AD with bonita?

How can I print the LdapLoginModule log?

My expectation is to see the logging while a user tries to logging.

LDAP Auth in Community Version

Hi folks,
the community version of BOS does not provide LDAP. We urgently need it :)

I've seen many posts, but no real solution.
I've found this http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/ldap-aware-identityservice which provides bonita-auth.jar

Does someone have an idea on how to place and include bonita-auth.jar, so that it is used by Bonita?

Bonitasoft 7 with LDAP

In Bonitasoft version 7.0 support LDAP Integration ? Anyone tired it out ? , i try with the step which given in documentation http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/ldap-connector-0

I have to intgrate AD user in Bonitasoft 7.0 with jboss (Platform Installation )

Steps to enable Active Directory on Bonita 6.5.X Community

All the info I found about that where too ambiguous, not useful by itself. Something like "make an Authentication Service Implementation by yourself". So I searched a lot and found some way to make it working. I write the steps here: (Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any problem/damage direct or indirect.)

LDAP - ldapAttributeList - EMPTY RESULTS

Hey friends i have problems with the LDAP TEST CONECTION firts my conection (resolved) now my ldapAttributeList, doesn't show nothing, i used the same BASE DN and filters an another LDAP Explorer and this show it ok,

But why bonitaSoft comeback a empty list ?

this is my result https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8ckahxgpk0xks7/Captura.JPG?dl=0

I´m having many problems trying to implement LDAP with bonita Studio, somebody that can help me with this process.. ?

LDAP - Test conection

Hey my friends I have problems with the test connector using LDAP in BonitaSoft Studio

LDAP authentication

Hi, I'm a newbie. I would like create a process where I will define more groups, where I will insert some user find out from LDAP server. How can I do that? Is it possible? Is there a tutorial?

Thanks Francesco

Bonita 5.10.2 community LDAP


i want to use ldap authentification in user xp, i have used this article http://priyankacool10.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/how-to-configure-ldap-with-bonita-user-xp/

but : -when i extract data from active directory using ldap connector, there is not "uid" atribute , so i have used "cn" instead

authIdentity="cn={USERNAME},ou=......." userFilter="(&(cn={USERNAME}))"

-how can i edit this method :