How can I print the LdapLoginModule log?

My expectation is to see the logging while a user tries to logging.

LDAP Auth in Community Version

Hi folks,
the community version of BOS does not provide LDAP. We urgently need it :)

I've seen many posts, but no real solution.
I've found this http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/ldap-aware-identityservice which provides bonita-auth.jar

Does someone have an idea on how to place and include bonita-auth.jar, so that it is used by Bonita?

Bonitasoft 7 with LDAP

In Bonitasoft version 7.0 support LDAP Integration ? Anyone tired it out ? , i try with the step which given in documentation http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/ldap-connector-0

I have to intgrate AD user in Bonitasoft 7.0 with jboss (Platform Installation )

Steps to enable Active Directory on Bonita 6.5.X Community

All the info I found about that where too ambiguous, not useful by itself. Something like "make an Authentication Service Implementation by yourself". So I searched a lot and found some way to make it working. I write the steps here: (Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any problem/damage direct or indirect.)

LDAP - ldapAttributeList - EMPTY RESULTS

Hey friends i have problems with the LDAP TEST CONECTION firts my conection (resolved) now my ldapAttributeList, doesn't show nothing, i used the same BASE DN and filters an another LDAP Explorer and this show it ok,

But why bonitaSoft comeback a empty list ?

this is my result https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8ckahxgpk0xks7/Captura.JPG?dl=0

I´m having many problems trying to implement LDAP with bonita Studio, somebody that can help me with this process.. ?

LDAP - Test conection

Hey my friends I have problems with the test connector using LDAP in BonitaSoft Studio

LDAP authentication

Hi, I'm a newbie. I would like create a process where I will define more groups, where I will insert some user find out from LDAP server. How can I do that? Is it possible? Is there a tutorial?

Thanks Francesco

Bonita 5.10.2 community LDAP


i want to use ldap authentification in user xp, i have used this article http://priyankacool10.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/how-to-configure-ldap-with-bonita-user-xp/

but : -when i extract data from active directory using ldap connector, there is not "uid" atribute , so i have used "cn" instead

authIdentity="cn={USERNAME},ou=......." userFilter="(&(cn={USERNAME}))"

-how can i edit this method :

LDAP + Bonita 6.2

LDAP synchronizer returns no users


I have a remote LDAP server running. On my Bonita tomcat server when I run the following command, I get a list of 66 users: