Is it possible to open a task through a link?

I have two tasks, where in the first task, when a user finishes his task, he creates a task for a new user and that new user receives an email notification. So I need to create a link where when this new user clicks it is redirected to their task. It's possible?

Access process variable from link or button

Hi guys :)
maybe you can help me.
i have a process variable called "bookURL" with the site url of one book (http://www... etc).
i want to show a link or a button in one form so when the user click them, he will be redirected to the site, but i cannot do it.
If i show the variable in one input, everything is ok .. but, i dont know how to put that variable in one "link" or "button" as a external link.


download link for Migration tool v 1.21.0 doesn't work


i can't download the migration tool v1.21 for migration to BonitaBPM 6.5.2: download link does not work because the page redirects to a not available resource. Can you provide a valid link? Thank you

Regards Antonio

Can I reference/link a sub-process to another .proc file?

Hi, we're evaluating BonitaSoft in our company as a possible replacement for Bizagi. Here's what we want to do, but so far couldn't: