Como crear un link hacia otro formulario , en el formulario de instanciación

Soy nueva es esto y tengo una duda, estoy creando un formulario de instanciación en el evento inicial, en el cual debo seleccionar un cliente de una lista, pero si no existe se debe crear el cliente, por lo cual agregue un widget Link e hice otro formulario "Crear Cliente" el cual no esta asociado a ninguna actividad, pero no se como debo de colocar la Url hacia el formulario CrearCliente,

Podrian darme algun ejemplo, gracias..

Is it possible to open a task through a link?

I have two tasks, where in the first task, when a user finishes his task, he creates a task for a new user and that new user receives an email notification. So I need to create a link where when this new user clicks it is redirected to their task. It's possible?

Access process variable from link or button

Hi guys :)
maybe you can help me.
i have a process variable called "bookURL" with the site url of one book (http://www... etc).
i want to show a link or a button in one form so when the user click them, he will be redirected to the site, but i cannot do it.
If i show the variable in one input, everything is ok .. but, i dont know how to put that variable in one "link" or "button" as a external link.


download link for Migration tool v 1.21.0 doesn't work


i can't download the migration tool v1.21 for migration to BonitaBPM 6.5.2: download link does not work because the page redirects to a not available resource. Can you provide a valid link? Thank you

Regards Antonio

Can I reference/link a sub-process to another .proc file?

Hi, we're evaluating BonitaSoft in our company as a possible replacement for Bizagi. Here's what we want to do, but so far couldn't: