Container : mandatory attribute


On my forms, I have some list with attribute who are marked as mandatory in my Business Data Model. My users have to fill the list by himself (for example, a list of item to buy (the number of elements can be dynamic, that's why I use container)).

When i create a container who will contain the mandatory list, the user can submit the form without fill a single element of my list.

That's because the mandatory attribute only appear when my users add the first element of the list on the container.

You can see what i'm trying to explain here :

Action icons in a list

Hi !

I would like to achieve this in bonita :


Classic buttons are too bigs for a list and I want to use glyphs.

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How to show content of a process variable in UI table


I have a process variable "test", which is initialized as:

Dropdown not showing data from BDM


I want to create a Dropdown, that Displays all the data from a Business Data ModelTable called "Customer".
I created a custom querry to get all the IDs (called getAllIDs):
SELECT persistenceId
FROM Customer

On my form I created a variable with the following external API:

In the Dropdown I selected then uses this vaiable in the "Available values" field and I enterd PERSISTENCEID as the "Displayed key".

But I'm still not getting any values!?

Postgres query result (List of lists) fills only the first column in form Table

I am a new to java and Bonita (although not to BPM) and I am trying to display a sql query result in a standard Bonita UI table version 7.1 (using the Table widget). But all the data ends up in the most left column like this example below:


What did I do to get to this?

I defined a postgresql dataconnector, that shows a working Array when testing:


Taille maximum pour le nombre de données dans une grille


Est ce qu'il y a une taille maximum pour les listes qui servent à remplir un widget de type grille ? J'utilise un connecteur qui me renvoie une ArrayList de 39 éléments. Quand je teste le conneteur il me renvoie cela : image

Saving Editable Grid Data into multiple variables

Good day,

Setup: Bonita BPM Community Edition ver 6.2.1

I'm currently working on a process which computes for annual compensation based on monthly incentives.

I have created a pageflow which uses an editable grid. The grid uses 12 columns and 2 rows only. The first row is used as the horizontal header containing the months ofthe year (Jan, Feb, Mar, ..., November, December). The second row is where the data will be entered by the user.

Fill Table widget with values from DB

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita, struggling with displaying values, retrieved from an MS SQL DB, in a table. I am using Bonita BPM Community v6.2.0 with MS SQL 2012, on Windows 8, with JRE 6. I am running the JBOSS bundle. I am retrieving the data using a datasource connector, so the pretty new connector interface where I can choose the output type (nRows by nColumns) is not available.