Auto Refresh Task List

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to auto-refresh the task list? I would possibly want the portal after submitting the task - to refresh the task list automatically.

List of options in BDM?


I'm new to Bonita and I'm wondering why it's possible to create a list of options variable as a process variable but not as a BDM object attribute? Is there a way to do it?


Update a document from a document list

Hello, I have a list of documents that were uploaded in a previous step, in the next step I can update previously uploaded documents, I need a script idea of ​​how to replace an item in a document list with a new version, someone could help me?

How do you display a business variable list (containing SQL data) in the UI table widget?


I'm quite new to Bonitasoft. I'm currently using the Bonitasoft 7.4.3 Community Edition, to use as a POC to show to my manager the capabilities of Bonitasoft in terms of a BPM offering.

I'm having issues with displaying a business variable list containing data from a MS SQL table into the UI table widget. I've gone through the tutorials on the UI and have looked at all questions and answers containing the linking of external data and displaying the data in the UI. Below is what I've done.