living application

/living/application gives 403 forbidden


I'm using Bonita 7.2.2. In one of my application, I'm using GET|/living/application API. But it gives me 403 forbidden error. My user belongs to User profile. I think there is something related to user permission.
But I don't have much idea about permissions. Also in other environment same API is working with user profile.
What am I missing? Please help.


APIMissingIdException for Application using community edition

In the log file for my application shows that an exception is thrown whenever a form is submitted and the target url is an application page. Id of the item to retrieve is missing in url http://localhost:8080/bonita/APIToolkit/living/application-menu

Living Application: Display of list of tasks and the value of their variables

Hi folks,
let's see if you have an idea for this.

I am building a living application. One container repeats over a collection.
I get that collection via API like this:
../API/bpm/activity?f=name=Artikel bewerten

(besides: How can I filter for only type=user_task?).

Now, for every activity that is returned, I want to retrieve an activity variable with a specific name ("test").
I've created an API call for that like this:
../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{ $ }}/test