load testing

Load Test in Bonita 7.1.3

Recently I've been working with Bonita load testing using JMeter and capturing HTTP requests using BlazeMeter.
Already performed tests with the version 5.7.2 and had good results, were only needed identify a few "keys " that exist in requests.
In the version 6.5.4 , the requests are not captured :( so I chose to continue with the 7.1.3 version .

Bonita performance/load testing with JMeter

Hi All,

Has anybody done performance/load testing of bonitasoft or BOS with JMeter or any of the testing tools.

I have searched a lot on the internet but didn't found the solution anywhere. It gives session logout error when I am recording the login scenario with JMeter and re-run it.

Any pointers will be really appreciating.