Message "This field is required" not transmated when using portal in French


I'm using Community Edition with preference language french.
Most of th UI of the Bonita Portal is translated to french (automatically because french is one of the provided language).
However, when not filling mandatoty inputs, the message "This field is required" is not transmated to french.
This is surprising.
What should I do to get it in frech ?

In advance, thanks for your help.

Best regards,


7.2 - calendar not localized?

I have an instantiation form that use 2 calendar widgets but they appear to be only english localized

I am using the 7.2 community edition and testing using the studio.

Using the ACME Organization:
Connected user: walter bates
Preferences / language : french

The portal is localized in french (Bienvenue, Paramètres...) but not the date picker.

Is it a bug or dit I miss something?

How to install a new language

I have the .po files corresponding to the new language I want to add, however when I add them to the {bonita_home}/platform/work/i18n the studio does not recognize the language.

Furthermore, the new locale appears when using an API call to show all current locales and there's an option to switch to that language in the BPM Portal HOWEVER when passing through forms the messages are still in english even when having, on the url parameters, &locale=pt_PT