New Log SEVER ! about h2 in Studio

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In new Release i have new sever log in Engine-Log Studio :


07-Feb-2021 22:49:57.429 SEVERE [http-nio-51362-exec-5] org.bonitasoft.engine.business.data.generator.EntityCodeGenerator.determineDbVendor sysprop.bonita.bdm.db.vendor is not set. This should not happen at runtime. Defaulting to h2.


Can you guide me ?

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Bonitasoft Logging

Hi guys, a noob question here, so I was reading the documentation about logging and saw this example:

import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;
Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger("org.bonitasoft.groovy.script.my_int_init_script");
logger.debug("Set initial value of process variable using Groovy script");
return Integer.valueOf(3 + 5);

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Webapp to read and download log file of the Bonitasoft plateform

This app will enable tech user to get the container logs without using a file system access

Configure * Remove dev context files : webapp/logs/META-INF/context.dev.xml and web.dev.xml * Edit the authorized user/password in webapp/logs/META-INF/users.xml * Edit the context.xml * Edit the param-value of the logsDirectory context-param to point to your container log folder

Deploy * Copy the webapp/logs folder into your container folder

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Salut à tous, lors du lancement du dev d'un connector, j'ai une ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException qui est levée. Je n'ai pas de stacktrace dans les logs. Comment y avoir accès ? Merci :)