Change default permission for log files


I am trying to change the default permissions for log files created by Bonita on the server.

I'm speaking of all files in BONITA_HOME/server/logs
With a standard install, log files are created with rwxr-----
I want them to be rwxr--r-- (add read permission to all users)

In the file "BONITA_HOME/server/bin/catalina.sh", a script sets UMASK:

# Set UMASK unless it has been overridden
if [ -z "$UMASK" ]; then
umask $UMASK

I tried to set the following code in "BONITA_HOME/server/bin/setenv.sh" :

How to manage Log file for each tenant?

Currently we have created 3 tenants in our system. But when logging it writes all the entries to one file.

Is there a way to configure logging.properties file to manage log file for each tenant?

If not do we need to write custom appender to handle this?

How to view the Development Engine logs?

I was build an application that has connectors with external database, in the studio everything works normally, however now that I imported the * .bar file to an error development engine on the first connector, so I need to see the development engine logs to find the error that may be occurring, have any way to view the development engine logs in your interface?