Custom Login with PHP using REST API

Hi friends,

I'm trying to log in Bonita with PHP calling the loginservice API.

I have an html page with the controls, then when in the page press "Log in", I call the php function to call de API with the user credentials.

Then I return something like this to the html page:

¿How can I obtain JSON data from bonita using JQuery?

I try to connect to bonita BPM using a jQuery function with following code:

Is it safe to use REST API Login with password in the URL

Hi guys,

The title is pretty clear : we have a doubt concerning security when we see that the Login REST API sends the user's password in the URL.

Login failed against active directory

Hi all

I had the Bonita BPM running perfectly.

I needed to Modify the Bonita.war file to add a small piece of code to the web.xml

All deploying the file using Weblogic admin console, the portal is up and running but login is not working.

I have reverted back to the old bonita.war file.

Still the login is failing.

I get a error - username or password is incorrect. I have verified against other users. All the users are not able to log in as well.

Technical user credentials are working as i can log in with install.

Login to bonita Portal with certain user

I have an application that communicates with Bonita through the REST API. Whenever I try to start a case from a given process I use forms in order to do that. My question is, I login in my app with a certain user (say helen.kelly) but when I open the form from the app, the user that is going to fill the form is the user logged in in the bonita portal which may not necessarily be the user logged in my app. I want to know if there is a way to open the form and automatically log in with a given user.

how to log in as an user at BPM 5.2

Hi everyone,

After trying hard, I could not log in as an user, using Bonita BPM 5.2.

I'm trying, without success, to user the username and password provided at the following link:

I would like to access the "administration view" as presented in figure 3 at the link mentioned, or even "user view".

Any guesses?

Thank you!

cannot login to different pools

i made three different pools and each pool has its own users as actors. when i select all of them and then run the project every time i login with each pools defined user it redirect me to one constant pool not each user's pool.
please help me!

¿Cómo crear un proceso para registro de usuarios?

Buen día. Soy tesista en la Universidad Central de Venezuela y estoy desarrollando un sistema de gestión de pasantias para mi escuela (Escuela de Computación de la Facultad de Ciencias). Ahora bien, he estado investigando durante varias semanas sobre Bonita BPM ya que mi propuesta de solución se basa en la utilización de esta herramienta. Como estoy empezando el desarrollo de dicho sistema, estoy comenzando por realizar el siguiente proceso:

Linkedin Authentication

Hello all,

This is a question for Bonita developers. I have seen in the source code of Bonita that there is an implementation of Linkedin authentication that uses OAuthLoginManagerImpl.java. I have modified the loginManager-config.properties file in order to use this authentication:

User authentication using Google

Hello all,

I am trying to authenticate a Bonita user using Google Apps. The process would be like this: