How can I log in to Portal Bonita using e-mail?

Currently, the Bonita Portal login is done using the user name. What should I configure to be able to log into the Bonita Portal using the email instead of the user name?

I change the database h2 for Sql Server and portal doesn't work

Hi everyone, my problem is that when I modify Bonitasoft version 7.5.4 to work with Sql Sever 2008, the portal and login stopped working, will anyone know how to fix it? Beforehand thank you very much!

Bonitasoft Community 7.5.4

Windows 7

Sql Server 2008

Getting the X-Bonita-API-Token

To Whom it may concern,

I am using Bonitasoft Subscription Version 7.3+.

I am trying to access Bonitasoft information from another application, on a different domain.

I am successfully using the 'loginservice' API. I am getting a status of 200. However I cannot get the X-Bonita-API-Token directly from that response.

I can see that the token is being set correctly in my browser as a cookie under the Bonitasoft server domain. However I am unable to access the cookies on that domain for the obvious reasons.

Crear una pagina de login personalizada

Buen día,

Partiendo de un sistema donde tengo los siguientes roles: empresa, estudiante, administrador, usando Bonita:

1) ¿Como seria la mejor manera de crear una pagina/vista/proceso de login que, de acuerdo al usuario que ingresa, redirija a otras vistas las cuales contendrán links a los distintos procesos para cada rol?

2) ¿Se debe crear un nuevo proceso de login o reutilizar/configurar de alguna manera el Bonita BPM Portal para que funcione acorde a la necesidad?

Muchas gracias.

What are the login credentails for Jboss installed on my Linux server?


I was using "walter.bates" and "bpm" as login credentials for logging in to localhost:8080/bonita.

I installed jboss bundle on my linux server (access url:- servername:8080/bonita). Now since I cannot login using "walter.bates" and "bpm". How can I access the same process which was on localhost, on my linux server as well?

Some help would be appreciated! Thank you.