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Change Portal Look and Feel

Hi everybody BonitaSoft lovers :3

I got another question hope you guys can help me, right now Im working with the performance edition of Bonita7 and Im trying to change the look and feel of the portal, reading the documentation it says that I can go to the portal as an administrative user and in the portal section I can download and modify the portal-theme.zip file, my problem is that when I extract and compress it again in a zip even if I don´t modify the files inside the zip I got an error when I try to upload it into the portal.

Changing portal look

Using the community version (6.4.0) is it possile to change elements around in the portal. I've looked around and I've seen it's possible to change the css but I'm talking about moving elements around, more specifically, moving the processes tab to the default tab and hiding the Cases tab (at least for the momement as it's not seen as needed). Also helpful would be changing the names on the labels as the target audience although might have english speaking capabilities will not be speaking english as a first language (it'll be european portuguese)

How to change look and feel of bonita portal in community 6.3

hello i m using bonita community 6.3 can anyone pl specify where are the files to change bonita protal look and feels .

thanks kandarp

Can i make some button not workable or hide from Bonita portal

Hello , i m using Bonita community 6.3 my question is simple : on Bonita BPM portal oon middle : there are tab "TAKE" "RELEASE" "HIDE" i want to remove that hide button . so any one can't be hide any task .

how can i ? can i achieve ? pl need help it is very needful

thanks kandarp

Form With Borders and grids (Look and Feel)

I want modify default form , text fields and check box and all form appearance are to big .

i want a professional look and fill

what should i do for it ?

  1. manipulate the css of Bonita default form
  2. use html widgets .

but in html widgets how can i store data into variables .

Change Portal Look and Feel

Hi everyone,

First of all, I'd like to thank for any answer. I'm developing some process for my graduation work and it is ok (for now :)) and I need to customize the look and feel of the application to show its flexility and customizable power. I'm having dificulties about it. I already found a directory (C:\BonitaBPMCommunity-6.1.1\workspace\tomcat\webapps\bonita\portal\css\skins\default) where I can edit some layout information (like the red color).