Manage Groovy scripts

Groovy Error - Groovy Script not found!

Windows 8.1, Java 8

I have a piece of Grrovy Script under Development -> Manage Groovy Scripts

which works perfectly in one process but in the other it fails with the following:

depends on GubeGetGubeText is neither defined in the script nor in dependencies

The second one fails as well with the same message...

Why can my Groovy Script not be found?

thanks and regards Seán

How to Create Document in PDF with forms All content

I create one from with all employee detail now i want to add action on submit button .

when it clicked : document is generated of all detail and email to the employee email id

Pl can i know how to achieve it . how to generate document .

Thanks kandarp

Creating Create Groovy script for access in user defined functions of script editor


I am creating a groovy function below from Development->Manage Groovy script...->Create... and the function runs properly although it returns NULL.

Now I would like to have access to that function in the function list of the groovy script expression editor. I can't see my function in the user defined category at the moment. How does this work?

import groovy.sql.Sql

def function_name(p_SCENARIO_ID){
def process_status =""
def process_id =-1
def message = "no run"