How to Resolve the 404 (Not Found) "" and "sprite.png" Console Errors:

If you see something like the image below in your console, you're not alone. Even with a clean install of Bonitasoft 6.5.1 (the latest version atm), you may be presented with these errors. The missing "" file is not an actual error (more on this later). The missing "sprite.png" image is an actual error that Bonitasoft will need to correct in a future update. These errors will not cause Bonita BPM to malfunction, but they are an eye sore for developers who are debugging JavaScript.

Temporary updatable variables in pageflow


I'm running Bonita Studio 6.3.2 Performance

I've put some transient vars in my start pageflow (ie. not of a human task).

Transient var

I update them using a Groovy script called when a field gets updated (ie. contingency)