Rest API wont display information from PostgreSQL

I followed the steps on here and somehow i was able to compile the maven from command line and have the zip created , however i noticed some few changes (Judging by what i have and what is on here hence i decided to talk about it here )

Now I run the maven command (After i have edited the several files which look like this ) this happens to be the configuration where i would run the Sql queries from (

Maven for REST API

I been following some tutorials online now I have some Form of difficulty here , in order to create REST API i decided to use an already made one available here now i been able to see some projects here now here comes the question, i am using eclipse, do i just create a new Maven empty project and import the files inside the same maven Project? Like something like this to explain better

Building First Maven Project Error


I'm using Eclipse to build my first maven bonita client project and getting some errors. Using the rest api example project located at

This is very confusing because my maven built successfully and the httpclient.jar is located in the Maven Dependencies location.

Please help...

Generate bonita-engine.jar from source code

Ok guys I´ve been playing around with the source code of bonita and reading the documentation

Maven Example - does not work with 6.4.2

Hi there,

trying the Maven example with 6.4.1 works fine but when changing only the bonita.home to point to a 6.4.2 system I get an error. The code does not change at all:

Seems to fail on



Unable to build Bonita Studio 6.2.4 from the source


I'm trying to build Bonita Studio 6.2.4 Community Edition from the source provided @ Also I'm following instructions described @ . Unfortunatelly I've stuck on building bonita-studio/bundles. Running mvn clean install print me bunch of errors:

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It is not always simple to build Bonita BPM from sources. That is why this script is now available. It has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.10, with Open JDk 7, and latest available version of Git and Maven. At the beginning, it tests that java, mvn and git are installed.

Around 4 Gb of dependencies will be downloaded (sources, target sources archive, maven, ...). You will need a good Internet connection.

Place this script in a disk partition with more than 15 Gb free space. Of course, you can build Bonita BPM in your /home.

Releases for Build Script for Bonita BPM

Total downloads: 3 909
Version BonitaBPM Version Post date Download Link
6.3.6 6.3.x 2014-Sep-17 Download
Release note
6.2.3 6.2.x 2014-Mar-13 Download
Release note
6.2.1 6.2.x 2014-Jan-27 Download
Release note
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This page contains an example of how to create and run a process using the Bonita BPM Engine in a Maven project. It assumes that you are a Java programmer familiar with using Maven. It shows how to initialize the Bonita platform using a Java program and the Bonita BPM Engine API, and then create and execute processes using the same API.

Releases for Create your first project with Maven - Example

Total downloads: 1 668
Version BonitaBPM Version Post date Download Link
1.0.0 6.2.x 2014-Jan-09 Download
Release note

How to build connector sources with maven ?


Excuse my newbiness with that tools, but I've just cloned a Connector from your github alibaba cavern and tried to build it with Maven as i was looking for a little bit of fun before I go home.

It seems i'm missing a fragment in my maven settings. May it be the repository fragment ?

What I get when i mvn install:install is

Bonita 6.1 release in maven repo

When are Bonita 6.1 artifacts going to be available on your Maven repository?