How to add multiple memberships to multiple users

I am working on developing a membership assignment process.
admin can create multiple memberships of multiple users.

Until now, I couldn't find a proper API regarding the function.
Identity API is working with one user and one membership each.
I created a SQL connector and send query statement parameter to implement.
It is working well. However, I need to manipulate the table and put some dummy data.

How to set actor filter with group name and role name ?

I would like to get a user list with specific membership.
I created department bdm and stored department name.

I would like to set Actors with specific group users with a specific role.
variable stored selected groups by a user.

Actor filter has a script as follows :
In this code is username.
However, I would like to send group names in variable.

Create a membership in user privileges from REST API

Hi there. I want to create a membership on user privileges from REST API. I already have created the users, groups and roles. And users are assigned their membership. But do not leave me as users so they can do homework. As I can say that drives users given group or role membership have the user profile. In the documentation I see no API call to create the user profile menu.

Bonita: 6.2 C# and API REST Bonita.



Can I get the list of all the users in a Membership with Bonita 6.3.1 ? I search in the IdentityApi but there is only getUsersInRole() and getUsersInGroup(). I need something like getUsersInMembership(roleId, groupId), or getUsersInMembership(membershipId) + getMembership(roleId, groupId) or getUsersInRoleAndGroup(roleId, groupId).

If you know where I can find something like this, it will help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.

PS : I can combine getUsersInRole() and getUsersInGroup() like this :