Actor mapping menu not appearing


I am learning how to use Bonita Studio following the docs, but I can't find the menu to config actor mapping. I've googled but without success.

That's the list of actors of the pool:

That's the menus available when I select the pool and click in configure:

I am using the community version. The studio is in Brazilian Portuguese language.
How can I fix this? There is some config to make before mapping?

Add Hyperlink in Bonita navigation menu

I have added a custom application for users using admin account and users have not access to Application tab which have url to custom application. How can i add hyperlink in side or main navigation menu in Bonita which open a custom application page.

Test Menu

Bonjour, comment creer ce type des BPM dans bonita (un menu qui fait la redirection vers des page web de saisie des données de masse [DataGrid])? Test