Migrate 7.1.5 to 7.2.0


Using migrate tool, i can go well until version 7.1.5. When it goes to 7.2.0, i get this error in logs:

Import fom BonitaSoft 6.5 .bos file to BonitaSoft 7.2.1 is missing scripts


I want to import some .bos files from BonitaSoft 6.5 to 7.2.1.

Now if I try to Build the file, I get an error, saying:
Condition expression "action == 2" failed to export left operand: org.bonitasoft.studio.condition.conditionModel.impl.Expression_ProcessRefImpl@b68d01

After research I found this entry:

How can I open .proc files?

Help. I downloaded BonitaBPMCommunity version 6.2.2 and I created 8 beautiful complex diagrams. But I needed to re-instal my Mac Book Pro, so I copied all my diagrams to .proc files. After my re-instal I downloaded BonitaBPMCommunity version 6.2.2 again and I hoped I could import the .proc files. But it is not possible. What can I do?