Wildfly 7.8.4 vs shared transactions vs Migration to Tomcat with 7.11


There is a running Wildfly with 7.8.4 bonita product, plus some custom EJBs which are using the JAVA Bonita engine API calls within shared transactions (within the same jvm).

We are considering a migration to the 7.11+

The shared transactions were documented up to the 7.2 version -> https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/shared-transactions

Q1- Is this feature still supported? or does it mean it is deprecated? removed?

Docker Image for easy Migration

No question here but I wanted to share a Docker image you may find useful (if you are using Docker that is...)

I am running Bonita in docker containers and using Kubernetes. Using Kubernetes or not it not that relevant but if you are using docker, the following is probably interesting for you. I used to run the migrations manually (ie sopping my container, mounting a volume with the config and migration scripts, restarting the container, running the tool, restarting a new container on the new version). While that works... it is not the simplest...

Migration error 7.6 to 7.10


I have migration my Bonita bundle 7.6 to 7.10 using this doc : https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/bonita/7.10/migrate-from-an-earlier-version-of-bonita-bpm

All seems good, no error occured when i launch bonita-migration-tools.

When i'm loggin with 'install' some css missing like in login page, bpm page.

processInstance.getParentInstanceUUID() alternative to Bonita v7.5.4

I am trying to migrate a workflow to v7.5.x. At a groovy script the parent process id is fetched: processInstance.getParentInstanceUUID().
How do I do this on v7.5.4?

Is it something like the above:
* apiAccessor.getProcessAPI().getProcessInstance(processInstanceId).getRootProcessInstanceId()
* apiAccessor.getProcessAPI().getProcessInstance(processInstanceId).getCallerId()

Thank you in advance.

[RESOLVED] Error during process migration to 7.4.1 from 7.3.0


I'm migrating Bonita version 7.3.0 to 7.4.1 and I have an error during the process definition migration with the bonita-migration-distrib-2.19.0 tool. The last lines in log are :

[RESOLVED] Migration and update process


I'm going to migrate the engine to Bonita 7.3.0, it was before in 6.3.7.

Since no modifications are necessary for my process, I undestand that no update for them are necessary in Bonita studio.
But when it will be necessary to change one of them (and then change version for example 1.0 to 2.0), will it be necessary to update process (in Bonita 7.3.0) which are dependant of the one to be modified ?

In other words, a process modified in Bonita 7.3.0 could continue to call (by callling activity or by message) process create in Bonita 6.3.7 ?

Migration from 5.10.2 to 7.x


were are using bonita 5.10.2 and have some processes running under this version, my question :
1.Is it possible to migrate from 5.10.2 to 7.1 whithout losing process definistion (connectors...) and data
2. if yes, what is the best way

thank you in advance.

Migration 6.5.2 to 7.0.2 Error: the sequence flow has no source

Hi, I'm migrating a process from Bonita 6.5.2 to bonita 7.0.2. The process has subcalled activities and correlation. When the process is imported it marks an error that says "the sequence flow has no source. You may delete it". Anyone knows why this is happening?.

Same ask in spanish:

Hola, estoy migrado un proceso de Bonita 6.5.2 a Bonita 7.0.2. El proceso tiene actividades de sub-llamada y correlaciones. Cuando el proceso es importado, el marca un error que dice "la secuencia de flujo no tiene fuente. Usted puede borrarlo". ¿Alguien sabe por qué pasa esto?

Bonita 6.5.3 migration script exited without any confirmation

I tried to migrate bonitasoft from 6.3.8 to 6.5.3. I am on Windows Server , apache 7.0.62 , PostgresSQL. I got all the step by step yes/no prompts all the way till 6.5.3. But the documentation says after migration I should see :

When the migration script is finished, a message is displayed showing the new platform version, and the time taken for the migration.

Migration from 5.7.3 to the latest 6.3?

Hi, I have a Bonita 5.7.3 running to service as a e-work flow. How can I migrate the old 5.7.3 to 6.3? Is there any safe and convenient way to do the migration? Thanks in advance~ Mars