Alerts for bpm errors


I see that there a couple of metrics for runtime monitoring:


But I don't find metrics for processes in error. How can I be notified for bpm errors (PUSH). Are there any metrics for this? Am I missing something trivial in the documentation?

I know how to PULL via rest api but PUSH is better for alerting.

I wouldn't want to create event handlers.

Thank you in advance,

How to take a report from business flow and the state of business data model in each step of process

Hi everyone

I want to monitor my business flow and I need to know the state of BDM in each step of my process.
but as I have read some document so I think Bonita haven't this feature to have BAM.

how can I have BAM on my Bonita processes?

How to show the process diagram in bonita portal

Hi everyone

I want to view process diagram in Bonita portal for my first sample but I couldn't find anyway to view the diagram, I have tried the below link :

but unfortunately I couldn't find the picture icon which has mentioned in the documentation
after that I need to show it by Engine API and I also need help for that too.

Thanks for your helps