ms sql server 2012

Insert records in database and output stored data in database (SQL Server)

Hi Guys,

Who knows the step by step and sample code in inserting data into database and how to view the content of database in the UI Designer. I have 2 tables header and details. Please help. Please send sample code or sample bos file. Version of bonita is 7.4.2 Community Edition. I'm using sql server as database.

Error JBOSS + SQL Server 2012

Hi I have successfully initialize the database with the SQL server JDBC connector. But while starting the Jboss server I am getting following error.

at Source) [rt.jar:1.7.0_79]

Caused by: The connection string contains a badly formed name or value.

any help appreciated. I have followed the platform data source configuration for jboss from documentation. Trying different things from 3 days and can't make it working.


Connection Error with Bonita BPM 6.5, Tomcat 7 and SQL Server 2012


I've been trying to set up the Tomcat Bundle of Bonita BPM 6.5 and have run into an issue with SQL Server 2012. I'm using JDBC version 4.0. The tables are created in the database and the pool is created but the application can't connect to it. I've followed the guide located here for setting up the application and database and have redeployed everything multiple times but there seems to be something missing that's causing this problem. Some of the error logs are as follows: Bonita: