multiple processes

Managing multiple processes

I´m currently using Bonita bpm in my company for one specific process; as we are having good results with it we want to implement new processes but I´m not sure how several process are handle in Bonita; for example, if we have 50 users working in the current process and these group of users will be part of the new processes too, how do you manage roles, user names and passwords? do you need a new one for each processs? how will the tasking screen look like? how could users move from one process to another and being clear in which process they are working on?

Multiple Timers on a Human Task

We have a requirement where we need to have SLAs to be fired multiple times and do different actions on a single human task. How can we achieve this solution with Timer events?

.bar file contains multiple processes from diagram? How do I export a single process within a diagram?

I have a single diagram with multiple processes within it. Using the export function I created .bar files for each process within the diagram.

I send a single .bar file to a collegue and he tried to import this single .bar file. But when he did, he got the full diagram that i made, with all the processes, instead of just the single process associated with the .bar file i gave him.