Can't get document by url or id

Hey guys,
I read this: https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/documents-0 and tried to implement this but faild.
I tried two ways, that I will show you and maybe some of you can help me and say what the next steps could be.

First try:
I got the url of my pdf, its: documentDownload?fileName=BookOne.pdf&contentStorageId=1643

Parallel multi-instantiation with a list of documents

I have a process that includes iteration Parallel multi-instantiation task that will send a task to different users.
For now, I only can have simple inputs with text, boolean values, etc, but my manager wants me to put document file field so that the users can upload a file if they want.

The document cannot be added in the parallel multi-instantiation output results, so I have to figure out how to manage the separate multiple document files in a different data variable. I am not sure how.

Can anyone give me an advice on this?

Issue in retrieving documents through contract and executing document upload script as connector


This question is in reference to and a follow-up of the query I had posted earlier on this link.

So I have a simple doc upload form that has a list of documents and an file upload widget with each.
In my contract, I have defined a variable of type file that accepts multiple objects --> formDocuments.
In my UI designer I have a similar JSON that takes files that are uploaded through the form.


I did a process which implics fill a form and with these variables do a odt and transform to this to a pdf document, the create the odt document is an automatic task, transform odt to pdf is other automatic task but in this task I did a script this returns a java.lang.object when I tried to assign the result to a document this is incorrect.
I tried to convert the pdf file to a document but when I run the process this shows problems in the begining.
I sue xdocreport to create the odt file and transform this to pdf.

Upload Multiple Documents to Alfresco

I am using uploading multiple documents using bonita ui by using Multiple file uploading example given at link : http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/file-upload-and-download-process... I required to upload multiple documents to alfresco. How can i do that ?.I am new to bonita and alfresco so help kindly. Thanks in advance.

Uploading file on Step in Bonita

Handle Multiple Documents

Hi, I'm designing a form that will enter information through a user, will have other fields to upload multiple documents at once, you can add one or more, but these documents are optional, the form must move forward even if the user does not upload files . While load the file advances to the next stage, however, the problem is when any file is not added and not let me move to the next task.