Error while starting the case - no logs, no explanation


Have been a user of Bonitasoft for years, but this is the first time coming across this issue. Users have been getting a message [Error while starting the case] when trying to submit a case from the instantiation form.

Bonita 7.10 y MySQL

Me gustaría integrar Bonita Community con MySql, he tratado de seguir la documentación oficial pero no lo he logrado (Mi entorno es Linux Mint + MySql + Bonita Community 7.10) si alguien ya ha logrado hacerlo su ayuda es bienvenida, gracias.

bonitasoft to Mysql

hi ;
i create a connector with bonitasoft to Mysql workbench 8.0.16:
when i test, i get this message:

How to Execute a Stored Procedure call in Bonita Studio


I'm trying to execute a stored procedure in Bonita Studio. The stored procedure is stored at a mysql database server, so currently I'm using a MYSQL Connector, but if it's unsuitable, I don't mind changing my approach. What I've done:

Use of MySQL in bonita

I have some questions regarding the use of MySQL in bonita:

How to Change Default Technical User Password (Install)

hello, i've installed Bonita with Wildfly Community edition 7.6 on Ubuntu 16.4 and MySql but reading instructions, i`ve modified the both files to do that, but it doesn't works the files that i've changed are:
1.-: /setup/platform_conf/initial/platform_engine/


both files left with the same userName, i just changed the password but this doesn't works

can anybody give a little of help on this?

kindly regards.

Showing Data from MySQL at Bonita BPM UI Designer

Hello Everyone,

I do my thesis using Bonita BPM to making Business Process.

I want to ask something:

I already connect to the mysql with the script "SELECT * FROM Table Where Field = 'field'" I want to showing the result in the UI Designer. But I don't know how to do that. Can somebody help me what should I do.

Anyway the deadline is 1 week. So I kinda stressful about that. Thank you so much!

MySQL last_insert_id() error

Hello everyone.

I have a connector that insert a row in an external mysql db that works correctly. Now, I wanted to extend such connector in order to return the id of the lastly inserted row (the mysql table has a auto_incremented field) which I want to save in a variable to use it for future editing within the same process (I do that in the output operation definition part of the connector). The groovy code looks like this:


Hi all,
I am working with a connector to fetch data from an external db and to save it using a JsonBuilder.
The excerpt of the groovy script looks like this:

Get blob from mysql with groovy

I have a simple table with these fields: