Cases are not showing up in task menu

Failed cases in Bonita Portal


In the bonita database, which table can I find failed activities?

Truncate older data from database

Bonita MySQL background queries


I am running Bonita 6.32 and MySQL 5.6.19. There are background select queries running on the MySQL repository. These queries take a long time to complete which causes the Bonita application to hang. The application and MySQL are on the same server. Can anyone tell me the purpose of these select queries? How can I solve the issue of the queries taking a long time to process? Is there a way to prevent the application from hanging when the queries take a long time to complete?

MySQL server causing application to hang


In troubleshooting MySQL , I check what queries are running and status of a server with SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST in MySQL server and process status. From the results from the query, they're multiple items that are running Select statements, which seem to take a significant amount of time to process. These Select statements seem to be queries that Bonitasoft creates and runs in the background. My first question is, what is the purpose of these queries? Second, is there any ramifications for killing the queries that take a long time to complete?