how to get variable into mysql script

I am new at variables and connectors.

This works.
insert into test.persons (LastName) values ('narly');

This doesn't.
insert into test.persons (LastName) values ( ${lastname} );

Here is the bar file

Thanks for any leads!

MySQL Config - Remove H2Listener Problem

I want to configure my Bonita BPM Studio Windows Version to use MySQL as database instead of h2. I followed the documentation ( and also removed all h2 configs and files. Of course I also removed the H2Listener entry from the server.xml. But in the Bonita Studio log file I always get the following error:

MYSQL DB - Select list

I'm trying to get the values from a mysql DB into a select list as possible values. I have created a connector to the database that works. I store the results in a process variable java object = java.util.list called hrcAfdelingen

Now i want to use this list as possible values in my form but i don't know how to get these values. I have tried just putting hrcAfdelingen in the possible values, but that didn't work.

Any suggestions ?

I'm working with bonitasoft BPM 7 community edition

BPM7 - How to pass variable in business model instance to a database connector

Update: See my last comment to skip to part of the answer.

I have tried many ways of doing this but not able to find any documentation or videos out there. Maybe the new version is to need.

How do we pass data contained in our process instance of a business model to the connector (Postgresql) SQL query? I have tried several ways without any success:

LDAP Bonita Community (JAAZ ERROR)


Unix, Bonita 6.3.8 Community, Tomcat, and Mysql.

I used this documentation for LDAP:

Bonita MySQL Insert Statement

Hi @all,

i am connected to a mysql database and want to make an insert statement via the mysql connector. For the query i am using the query window of the mysql connector configuration. My query looks like this: INSERT INTO table (test, test2, test3, test4) VALUES ('${var}', NULL, NULL, ${var});

Nombre de sessions Mysql


J'aimerais avoir des precisions sur le nombre des sessions MySql que reserve Bonita, et nombre maximal des connexions Simultanées

Validator with groovy database connection

I'm developing with Bonita CE 6.3.2

I'm newbie and tried a lot to find answer for this but without sucess !

1) I created an instantiation form for anonymous access. I've text field where user inputs a value. I need to validade if that value exists in a mysql table. How can I do it ? Can you please explain be step by step how can I write some groovy code to achieve this ?

6.2.5 JDBC MySQL Connector - Cannot SELECT

I've created a simple process using the standard, out-of-the box JDBC MySQL connector. I entered a simple SELECT statement in the connector, and I get the following error:

org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.exception.SConnectorException: org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.ConnectorException: org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.ConnectorException: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Can not issue SELECT via executeUpdate().

Strangely, any INSERT statements work just fine.