Share bonita session with another domain

Right now we are using external forms done in .NET and they are in another server what we are trying to do is share the same session between Bonita Server and .NET server so we can use the BonitaBPM Portal and be able to complete and start cases using the .NET forms, we could configure CORS and be able to consume the REST API from .NET Server but for that we need to authenticate from .NET Server to get a valid session and what we are trying to do is avoid that double authentication, we want to share the same session so the user only have to enter the Bonita Portal and be able to consume t

Bonita Engine .NET App Integration

Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to integrate Bonita BPM into the process workflow of an existing application. The application is built upon an AngularJS client application, a .NET layer provide access through Web API to an existing Oracle Database.

My question is if is possible to use Bonita BPM to configure the application workflow and the business process, living the current User Interface relaying on the existing UI.

Is it possible to use Bonita BPM with something else than Java?

I am very interested in using Bonita BPM for my project, however, I am not a Java developper, and I would like to use the development language I am used too.

What are the different way to develop with Bonita BPM?