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Unable to build Bonita Studio 6.2.4 from the source


I'm trying to build Bonita Studio 6.2.4 Community Edition from the source provided @ Also I'm following instructions described @ . Unfortunatelly I've stuck on building bonita-studio/bundles. Running mvn clean install print me bunch of errors:

How to Styling Table Widget .

Hello, I’m using Bonita soft community 6.3 I take one table widget on from and data is pulling out from database. but it display ugly screen

** I want to add table border and etc. Styling.** How can I apply styling on this table widget?

In gen > option >HTML attribute I write: style="border: 1px solid black;" But does not anything happen. Pl help. How to achieve

Bonita 5.x process that has 6.x version

Hello I'm Ami

Does anybody has open source runable Bonita 5.x process which then upgraded for 6.x version?

I need to compare 2 processes after it's upgraded to know if Bonita 6.x does make a process have a better quality.

Thanks before :)