Exporting organization from portal


On exporting the organization from the portal, the passwords of the users are hashed in the XML. But when importing it into the studio, the users' passwords are replaced by their hash, which causes problems. Is there any way of importing an organization into the studio and not replacing their passwords?


Managing Organizations through studio and portal


I made an organization with some groups and roles on the studio, and deployed it on localhost.
Now, I added a new role through the portal, which worked properly, but this addition or change isn't reflected on the studio. Now, if I add a new role through the studio and deploy, this new role is added in the portal, but also the old role I'd added on the portal is still present, even though it wasn't present in the studio organization.

Is this a feature, where you persist the changes made on the portal, or is it a bug?


class has students, what is the best way to design and manipulate this?


I'm practicing with bonita bpm and I am wondering what the best way is to design the following:

class has students

I know that I can create a
* business object 'class'
* with aggregate relationships to
* business object 'student'

Next step would be to create a new class and add members.

When I try to do this in the standard way as explained in the getting started tutorial,
It will relate the new class to newly created (and not existing) students.

Bonita 6.3.3 - Get Organization...

Hi there,

Bonita Studio 6.3.3, Java, Windows 8.1

I've just read

Only one organization can be loaded in Bonita BPM Engine at a time, so there is no need to specify the organization, and no organization identifier exists.

from here

Does that mean the only way to get the organization identifier is to get a Group and then extract the organization name from the returned group?

Metadata User - I need create new variable metadata

Hello everybody My problem is with metadata user, I need add new a variable metadata for register new user (for example "Department: 'RRHH' " ).Or la possibility of change name the label metadata.

I need urgent for my project Thanks..