¿Cómo utilizar las variables pageflow?

Buenos días el motivo de mi pregunta es que estoy tratando de hacer que una página cambie a otra con un boton, estoy utilizando un formulario 6.x para realizar este procedimiento y buscando como realizar el procedimiento encontre que se puede hacer a través de pageflow y cree una variable pageflow tipo Integer pero no se com utilizarla para que cambien de formularios dentro de la misma tarea sin tener que utilizar el un botón de siguiente cualquier información sobre el tema sera de gran ayuda , estoy utilizando la versión de bonita (7.3)

Data Search Form and page linking

I am making a form with three search fields and a Search button. The result of this search shall be displayed on this same page below search criteria in a table.

I have made that page. I have also made custom query which shall get fired when the Search button will be pressed.

FROM Candidate e
WHERE e.ssn = :ssn
OR e.passport = :passport
OR like :name
ORDER BY e.persistenceId ASC

The query needs to search record for any of the data as filled in the form

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This sample presents a pageflow (or mutli-page) form created with Bonita BPM 7. This resulting form is equivalent to the pageflow form that existed in Bonita BPM 5 & 6.

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Case Overview : The engine was not able to know if the user is involved in the process instance. Error while executing command:

I am trying to create a manager profile where I assign a manage case tab for this profile. I am not able to overview cases done by other users. I get the error :

How to distinguish open case from archived case.


I am using Bonita Community 6.3. I would like to create an overview pageflow. Specifically i would like to have a form on case level containing some data about process instance (starteBy, startedDate etc.). So in widget's initial value script I am getting ProcessInstance to get this data. The problem emerges when the case finishes and is moved to archive. I know that I can get ArchiveProcessInstance by

Problème avec pageflow de résumé


J’ai créé une pageflow de résumé dans mon processus qui tourne bien quand je lance sur le studio mais lorsque j’exporte le fichier .bar et l’importe sur bonita plateforme la pageflow n’arrive pas à prendre les fichiers uploadés alors que sur le studio elle me donne le résumé tel que je l’ai défini. Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider svp ? Merci.

Bonita 6.3.3 - Forms Design - Pool Pageflow - Access to Variables

Hi there,

Bonita Studio 6.3.3, Java, Windows 8.1

I am using the PageFlow of the Pool as an introductory screen, however I cannot access the variables I want for display purposes.

I can see the variables for the step pageflow form but I want to see them also on the Pool pageflow form.

The variables are defined as Pool variables. What's the problem?

Thanks and best regards Seán