parallel Multi-instantiation

How to track the number of Active instances of a Parallel Multi-instance Human Task


I have a Process which calls a Parallel Multi-Instantiated Human Task .
The Number of Iteration is determined from a Integer variable that has a whole number.

I store the value of the Variable as 3 or 4 and the same number of Instances are created.

Parallel multiinstance task


I'm using Bonita 7.2.2 and I have a requirement to use parallel multi-instantiation concept.
I could successfully implement it with a list of users which creates number of tasks dynamically bases on size of list.
My concern is, for each task created I want to pass some data to the task which would be unique to that instance of the task.

Any help?
Thank you in advance.

I don't know how to access one value of the list that I use to make a parallel multy-instanciation, It is always empty value(multiInstanceIterator - son variable)

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2.0, and have some questions.
From one process I'm doing a parallel multi instantiation, and I'm giving a list to instantiate many time the other process as element there is in the list.
Until here it works fine.
The problem is that when I try to access from the son processes to the instance iterator I doesn't have any value.
This is important for me because each process is assigned to one investigator, and need to know which investigador is the owner of each sub-flow.