parameter url

hi, i would like to know how to get the value of a parameter passed by url from a page to the studio.
I am working with bonita bpm 7.4


Parameters for connectors - Validation

I'm trying to use a parameter for a REST client, and I can´t find a way to provide the correct value to the conector.
I't seems that it is validating the parameter VALUE against this regular expression:(^[a-zA-Z]+|^\$)[a-zA-Z0-9$]*

this is the stacktrace:

Sort records from API Call

The documentation shows the 'o' parameter in the API call to order multiple resources records (

Is this overruled by the Ordered By part of the BDM's query? Or perhaps I just have the syntax wrong?

How to pass parameter to process instance

Hi. I am a newbie to Bonitasoft.

I have created a page to display a list of clients.
I know how to select the row on the table; but i need know how to pass the client persistanceId (code) to my edit / update process; in order to edit the details for that client.

Would it correct to try set a variable & somehow pass this to the process: - or am i completely wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Document / Attachement not selectable at parameter values


i created a new connector for cmis-functions (need my own for errorhandling and some other features). I have defined some input and output parameters and it works fine.

My Problem:

Is Perameter facilitiy available in cummunity version ?

I can't find where to set perameter insted of variable , is it available in community version or not