How to retrieve a html text from rich text area into word document without html code?

Hello, I created a word document and pdf using by the connector.
It works well. however, the data from a rich text area retrieve with HTML code.

For example,
This is the format of the document.

«${doc.firstName}» «${doc.lastName}»,

Request conclusion
Dear «${doc.firstName}»,
After review by the HR, your request for «${doc.requestCategory}» has been evaluated.

Request conclusion:


And the result is as follow;

Walter Bates


How to print/export a diagram with header?

Hi all,

I recently dowloaded Bonita BPM 7.4.3 to draw BPM diagrams.

I've printed some as PDF, is it possible to get headers/titles on the print?

Thanks for helping!


PDFBox with bonita 7.3.3

Hi everyone, I have a proyect in bonita 7.2.2 witch validates a pdf document, for that im using PDFbox.
When I try to migrate this proyect to bonita 7.3.3 the proyect won't work no matter what I do, i tryed to re-import al .jars but still not working

does anyone have any clue why it stopped working??


using PDFBox.jar in a groovy script

Hi, I need to take data of a PDF file, for that i want to use PDFbox. I imported the .jar via developement-> manage jars -> import. But when I want to code the sript, i cant import the libraries. So I want to know if there is anithing else i should do to be able to use this library.


Create a PDF

I need to create a pdf from bonitasoft which might have text , or from results in it. I want to know only how to do it related to text because i think it can be generalized to do the form one.

Extraer y procesar contenido de un PDF

Buenos días,

Tengo varios días investigando y desarrollando algún script que me permita extraer información de un pdf cargado por el usuario el cual almaceno en una variable "Document" desde Bonita BPM, mapeando un contrato con dicha variable, sin embargo, no he logrado acceder al contenido de dicho documento, puesto que necesito validar la información del mismo para tomar decisiones.

¿Alguien ha logrado hacer esto?

Gracias de antemano,
Isaac Herrera.

How to create a PDF document from the (UI) form or BDM data?


my requirement is to have the data entered into a form saved as PDF file. Can this be done somehow?
Using Bonita 7.2.3 CE.


ps. Would prefer a solution that wouldn't use jasper

Download archives on server

I have a process that requires actors to upload some .pdf files.
I'm needing to take this archives from the context to a folder in the server.
does anyone have any idea of how to do this?

Best Regards


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Bonita BPM 7 widget displaying a Bonita document as a PDF

Releases for PDF viewer widget

Total downloads: 2 032
Version BonitaBPM Version Post date Download Link
v1.0 for Bonita BPM 7.1 and onward 7.1.x 2015-Sep-18 Download
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comment insérer une image à la création du PDF

Bonjour, J'ai utiilisé le connecteur Jasper pour générer un fichier PDF. Le modèle (fichier.jrxml) intègre une image jpg. Où dois-je déposer cette image pour qu'elle soit intégrée au fichier pdf lors de la génération via le connecteur Jasper? Si je la mets dans les documents du process comme le fichier jrxml cela ne marche pas. Faut-il spécifier un paramètre particulier au niveau du connecteur Jasper? Nota: mon fichier pdf est bien généré si je n'inclue pas l'image dans le modèle (fichier.jrxml). merci de votre aide. Cordialement.